we aren’t always the story

everywhere is probably an incubator for something. sports teams routinely practice local farm teams. for many reasons, but a major one is so that there is always a stable of players at the ready should they be needed in the majors. movies get tested and storylines dissected by non-pros before wide releases. all of usContinue reading “we aren’t always the story”

expressions of all the feels are palpable

true expressions are increasingly rare. in the past, displays of merriment were relegated mostly to private sexual moments, so we didn’t learn en masse. but joy is hopefully to be had elsewhere as well. a plethora of analogies have been made over the years to explain the workings, and are spoken confidently, as if toContinue reading “expressions of all the feels are palpable”

navigating the languages we aren’t taught in school

the language commonly used was a shorthand. work was what the majority of us shared in common, and that it also included interpersonal dealings made seeing and understanding what seemed obvious mandatory. schedules were to be respected always, and ramifications for tardiness could justifiably mean being fired. being on-site early thusly became expected, and beingContinue reading “navigating the languages we aren’t taught in school”

how we see what we see

perspectives held can come from anything. they’re presumably meant to be different depending on our various backgrounds. the differences in our lived life experiences. that there is a push in contemporary society suggesting we have to be the same to understand each other, though, is illogical. nonsensical. when you zoom out, the concept is oftenContinue reading “how we see what we see”

ms feels like just another life i’ve fallen into

context is an element of language that often gets overlooked in the hurry to say something that seems to be relevant. and incorporating the level next door to it of emotional intelligence so far is as subjective between us as is perceived skill at painting. with the current assumptive practice of using similar words toContinue reading “ms feels like just another life i’ve fallen into”

the truest greatness exists in the quietest moments

the greats are typically, stereotypically, almost only known to be great later. they aren’t as often celebrated for being marvelous in the moment. many times, it is fervently at their behest, but always, small-minded judgements also inevitably come into play and alter the focus of view. which is on us and our fickle opinions, really.Continue reading “the truest greatness exists in the quietest moments”

all things serve some purpose to someone

creature comforts is a concept that may seem to be obvious, but is in fact highly subjective. what leads one to feel more at ease, what provides even a small sense of familiarity, can be anything. literally. the way that word is really meant. our proclivities may be seen as errant to some, yet areContinue reading “all things serve some purpose to someone”

there are always stories beneath the stories

at first, most of the people who came to us already had long-standing public identities. that elements of it were in jeopardy was where we came in. cheating spouses, the driver or passenger in transportation mishaps. abating whatever clouds that cast shadows on parts of famous personas was our primary purpose. while identities had alreadyContinue reading “there are always stories beneath the stories”

the bliss that comes from not checking the boxes

a gift of working with comedians for so long was that a lot of joy and laughter came with us most everywhere we went. the attention required that went with that was mostly exhausting, but at the end of whatever journey we were on, we reminisced most about the smiles we made along the way.Continue reading “the bliss that comes from not checking the boxes”

all to know is there for the asking

as it turns out, fewer people correctly absorb what they hear than we once thought. we don’t always listen to what is really being stated, or take in what actually holds the meaning. and perhaps most importantly in some cases, few assimilate the “why” of any of it with the choices that get made. messagesContinue reading “all to know is there for the asking”

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