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we live on a lot of stories we tell ourselves

we humans can be such an audacious species. usually we mean well, but ultimately, most of our self-enacted actions tend to be for a primarily selfish gain. when that works also for a greater good, we all win. but too often, everything else, everything that isn’t us, is left to deal with the consequences. howeverContinue reading “we live on a lot of stories we tell ourselves”

tells are obvious once they’re seen

what people do when they think they’re in the right is a remarkably clear personality litmus test. all the wanted and sought information becomes painfully obvious. it’s all there. and quite telling, when we know how to read it accurately. are present with our observations. actions are taken for a multitude of reasons. and mostContinue reading “tells are obvious once they’re seen”

use it or lose it applies to all parts of our makeup

a commonly referenced rhetoric for all things is “use it or lose it.” it pertains to various parts of lives. in many circles, it is spoken a lot in reference to athletic elements. bodily function. but the longer we’re here, it appears to sing to cognitive pieces as well. with that, the identities we holdContinue reading “use it or lose it applies to all parts of our makeup”

representation shows us what else there is to what we think we know

when explaining what seems would be obvious sounds like gibberish, it’s usually a strong sign that what we think is transparent, painfully clear, isn’t so. entertainment fare is no different than human nature in that regard, despite the various efforts made in both to homogenize what are perceived to be variances. pointless attempts to equalizeContinue reading “representation shows us what else there is to what we think we know”

time to make the donuts

some events used to be arranged solely for the benefit of charitable foundations. to directly aid the people impacted by the generosity they brought about. famous types came because they knew they could bring awareness to lesser-known plights. do their part, however small it may be. to extend the joy they saw that was presentContinue reading “time to make the donuts”

m.s., p.r., they’re two kinds of lives that are a different every day

basic biology is perhaps more assuredly explanative than we give it credit for. like the law of gravity, there is a lot is to be understood from having just a simple awareness. a remedial understanding. nothing of the sort needs to be as complicated as we make it. that only serves to confuse what canContinue reading “m.s., p.r., they’re two kinds of lives that are a different every day”

watching people touch standees is a weirdly on point analogy for us all

after almost every trip, once pockets were emptied and suitcases were unpacked, miscellaneous things of all kinds somehow ended up appearing. mostly, they were client gifts or odd things they carried around and forgot about. few at that level toted their own ornaments, and offering to hold something before hitting the red carpet usually lockedContinue reading “watching people touch standees is a weirdly on point analogy for us all”

where we’re from is only part of our makeup

language is one of those tricky beasts that allows some to hide their truest thoughts in plain sight. most use it for good. semantics can be confounding. lack of knowledge keeps the ride of the words hovering above some of us as their suggested meanings are expelled without extended explication at a quick clip. andContinue reading “where we’re from is only part of our makeup”

making lemonade is always an option

even when we want to make them so, some things, like team rankings, just aren’t subjective. that simple truth deletes the space for any related debate, which seems to infuriate some people. and that’s usually when attacks become personal. in some circles, athletics dominate that squirrelly marketplace. but it is all seeped far deeper thanContinue reading “making lemonade is always an option”

it really is the little things sometimes

parties aren’t always intended to be just for fun. for shyer guests, and those who can see through the broader pomp and circumstance, the rigamarole that is in some ways deemed necessary is often painful to endure. mentally speaking. usually. for a while, gatherings intended to be celebrations became visually as important as the workContinue reading “it really is the little things sometimes”