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tells are obvious once they’re seen

what people do when they think they’re in the right is a remarkably clear personality litmus test. all the wanted and sought information becomes painfully obvious. it’s all there. and quite telling, when we know how to read it accurately. are present with our observations.

actions are taken for a multitude of reasons. and most of us don’t even know the true origins of our own until we’re faced with the effects they have. on us. others. we often see how things can work better too late, but situations likely would be very different with alternative reactions utilized.

travelling with varying members of film casts showed that spectrum of humanity and awareness so clearly. and in all kinds of life, while usually the goal is to move past the presented obstacles, grow through the awkward strains to keep things as copasetic as possible, that is not always achieved.

opinions vary wildly. without obvious justification. and the seemingly hidden personal motivations that accidentally get exhibited under trying circumstances are quite illuminating. while it has become a most notable element of mind games like poker, we all have tells. and they show up in the damndest ways.

one tour we were on was to promote a film with a macabre storyline that had riveted the broader community. murder shows had analyzed the bizarre case ad nauseam over the short time that had passed since the sad conclusion was unexpectedly broadcast on a live television news broadcast. but when hollywood took the reigns on the story, a lot of unnecessary elements became fodder for salacious questions. and the actors playing the questionable roles brought their own sensibilities into the mix, too. the door was opened to a lot of personal judgement.

outside the small world of selling entertainment fare, the arising quandaries about the controversial human decisions that the case centered around brought about social rifts between the cast mates. their time spent publicly together was mostly professional. if disarmingly aloof. but the writing of the different temperaments was on the wall, and there wasn’t much we could do to quell the impending mele.

after months of deferring sordid questions to the script writers, the reality the actors faced by becoming the newest part of the harrowing story with publicity efforts for the film unquestionably took its toll. a professionally unaccompanied comedian loudly voiced his questions and opinions in the lobby of a theatre prior to an audience q&a. it was clearly intended to be humorous. lighten the mood. but the quietude amongst the groups of us spoke volumes. and he found out in one of the hardest ways.

as we prepared to stoically march into the auditorium, his loudly voiced speculation turned heads. accidental spectators in the lobby were aghast at the exchange. taken aback. attempting to be respectful, the uncharacteristic reticence enveloping my charge, the peaceful demur of his reaction, evoked in the younger comedian another loud and immature response. situationally inappropriate.

no one knew how this was being presented in the comedy genre. the comparisons between the actual masterminds and their feature counterparts were mostly unflattering. but most conditional judgements are. and those entering the world of entertainment theatre usually know that going in. accept their jobs quietly, and only talk about the roles they can relate with somehow.

by nature, comedians pick everything apart though. for their jobs, they analyze all the pieces of stories they see to craft seemingly logical narratives their audiences can follow. word math is many times a long game. like the intuitions they speak aloud about the things they see, what may sound to be negative interpretations are usually simply audible ponderings of talked about consternations.

working on the road and being exposed to a plethora of justifiable remarks seems to bring that point home to most who’ve done the time. been around. following orders on set doesn’t always allow for such learning. and that contrast alone is enlightening.

arguments break out among people socially tied together all the time. no one is surprised when smaller dust-ups occur. between the archaically long hours of preparation and shooting a film, and the absurdity of flying to a multitude of cities on press tours to encourage theatrical attendance, keeping all smoothly sailing is a job in and of itself.

but at some point, all the dubious elements intersect. true opinions more readily get stated overtly as exhaustion quietly tears down the tightly-upheld boundaries between outwardly respectable statements and honesty to self. and the practice of maintaining the front of a superficially accepted average has brought the status quo markedly down. the law of averages applies to intelligence and reasoning, too.

tells alert us to existent pattern behavior. let us see the thoughts leading up to them. change the course mindfully, like a choose-your-own-adventure book. somehow, we got confused again about how we can determine some outcomes. avert disaster. encouraging questioning discourse is not the same as condoning questionable beliefs. experienced road comics come upon that lesson
early, too.

the son of an artist can spot similarly discerning behavior in others. warming to a found similarity lets us all see the pieces to it more clearly. the players involved, and the roles they play, become immediately more visible. we instantly all make more sense. understand each other better. pattern behavior isn’t all bad.

there is a lot more to learn from what goes into made choices than just potential detriments of a moment. when we examine our own thought processes, when we’re honest, there are a lot of holes we subconsciously fill in. things we unwittingly accept. until our rote actions are pointed out to us, we are often none the wiser. and the cycles of errant thought continue on unaddressed. but, it’s probably time we tackle them. make sure we know what we’re imparting through our demeanors.

that group didn’t work together much after that day. the movie came and went. those involved at the higher levels never affiliated themselves publicly with the project. the comedians hired to bring some levity to that tragedy viscerally learned the nature of being a double-edged sword. and hopefully, we all learned something about the potentials of human malfeasance as well. and how we can apply it at all the levels.


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